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What you need to know before you go!



Camp Rules

All of your school rules apply here at camp, and we have some camp-specific rules too!


  • Walk; please don’t run. (Except on the sport courts or slab)
  • Sticks and rocks stay on the ground (unless naturalist gives you permission)
  • No gum (choking hazard and hard to remove)
  • Wear closed-toed shoes for all activities
  • Stay in your cabin group with your chaperone¬†
  • Stay within camp boundaries: only cross bridges with an adult, do not climb on or over railings or fences.
  • No going back to your cabin alone without a chaperone

Respect Others

  • Ring bell ONLY with an Outdoor Educator’s permission. The bell means it’s time for you to go to your dismissal location.
  • Benches and bleachers are for sitting only; feet will stay off the benches and will use the stairs.
  • Your cabin is for you and your cabin members only.

Respect Nature

  • Creek areas are only visited with an Outdoor Educator
  • Leave No Trace: Natural objects stay where they are; pick up after yourself/litter you find
  • Stay on the trails¬†(Warning about ticks and poison oak)¬†

The Step System

  • Consequences for disrespectful behavior or breaking the rules teachers are notified about steps daily
    • Step 1: Verbal Warning
    • Step 2: Lose free time for the rest of the week
    • Step 3: Call home with your teacher
    • Step 4: Get sent home