Tiger Lily


Tiger Lily is from Philadelphia. She loves all things outdoors including hiking, snowboarding and tide-pooling, but also enjoys a relaxing day curled up with a good book or art project. Her favorite part of the job is seeing the curiosity and wonder of our amazing students.






Wombat is originally from the great state of Idaho but has lived in ten different states. She loves board games, card games, or any other competitive endeavor. When she’s not working you can find wombat out in nature with her friends.






Breeze is local to the area and loves exploring, swimming, and hiking through the redwoods, although she also loves a good rainy day in the coffee shop. Her favorite part of the job is working alongside her friends and helping students see the beauty of nature.






Sprout grew up as a camp kid in the mountains of North Carolina and loves the camping world. Her favorite part of the job is all the special interactions with the campers. When she’s not at work, you can find her hiking with her friends, camping with her husband, or hanging out with her pet rat Penny.






Willow grew up in the Baja Mexico and loves exploring and discovering new parts of this planet. She is also a gifted artist and photographer as well as a dominant basketball player. A lover of travel, she has visited every single state except Hawai’i, Florida, and Rhode Island.






Papaya is from Michigan but has lived in Turkey and Hawaii as well. Her favorite part about her job is getting to know the students though science classes, challenge courses, or a friendly game of basketball. She loves anything outdoors and loves getting to teach outdoors under the beautiful redwoods. 







Honeybee is from Pennsylvania. Her favorite part of her job is trekking around camp with the students and seeing their curiosity for the outdoors! In her free time Honeybee can be found hiking and exploring places. She is also a bit of globe-trotter and has visited ten different countries.





What I love: exploring nature with students, and getting to know them through the short-term time they spend with us. I love watching students grow in various ways as they spend their time at camp. Home is Grand Rapids, MI. A fun fact is that I am a twin & love to travel! 







Ray is from North Carolina but has lived all over the world from islands of Japan to coast of Spain. She loves working and challenging herself in the outdoors. Her favorite part of the job is the awesome team and of course all the amazing students.






Cabbage, a Napa native, loves working in the outdoors. His favorite part of the job is hanging out with kids during classes and on challenge courses. He is also a self-described nerd, and when he’s not out in nature, he can be found watching YouTube or playing video games with his roommates.






Sunflower is from Upstate New York. Her favorite thing about camp is hiking with the students and getting excited about nature’s wonders especially amphibians and plants. She is an avid reader and last year finished sixty different books.




Bear Cub


Bear Cub calls Michigan home. She loves camping, gardening, and traveling. A few years ago, she actually climbed right to the edge of the world-famous Victoria Falls! Her favorite part of the job is the excitement of the students and the way her coworkers feel like family.






Ridgeline is from the Appalachian (ahp-uh-LAY-shun) mountains and enjoys all things outdoors including backpacking, rock-climbing, kayaking, hiking or even surfing. His favorite part of the job is the excitement on a campers face when they face their fear and overcome a challenge.






Echo grew up at a camp in the mountains of North Carolina. He loves playing games with all of the campers. He loves rock climbing, playing games with his pet dog Camper, and going to coffee shops with his wife. A challenge course enthusiast, Echo was just 3 years only when he first rode a zip-line.






Ember hails from Simi Valley, California. The best part of her job is hiking outdoors every day and experiencing the energy and joy that all the kids bring to camp. In her free time, you can find Ember relaxing at the beach, exploring local trails, listening to audiobooks, and solving jigsaw puzzles. 







Tide is from the Santa Cruz mountains, and growing up surrounded by the mountains infected her with a life-long love of anything outdoors. On days off you can find Tide rafting, rock-climbing, or even scuba-diving. She has a degree in zoology and exploring science with all the students is one of her favorite parts of the job. 








Sapling is from eastern Pennsylvania, but calls anywhere with snow and mountains home. He loves exploring the outdoors, whether by trail-running our snowboarding. His favorite part about camp is exploring creation with the kids and being part of a special camp community. 







Summit calls the mountains of North Carolina home. Her favorite part about working at Alliance Redwoods is that she gets to spend time outside in the redwood forest with kids. When she’s not working you can find summer writing poetry, watching movies or playing with her dog, Camper.






Dune grew up in Morelos, Mexico, but went to school at Appalachian State University in North Carolina. He loves exploring and learning with the kids and is a passionate mushroom hunter. In his down time Dune likes to hit the climbing gym, go tide-pooling or play spike ball.